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  • Editorial: Health Care for All

    May, 2010 Health care is something we believe must be available to everyone at a cost that they can afford.  However, the recently passed healthcare bills are a classic example of democracy gone wild.  The miracle of the bills is not that they passed at all, but that there is something in them for everyone […]

  • Global PROUT Convention Souvenir

    You can read and download the Souvenir Program for the Global PROUT Convention held in New Delhi, India on November 20-22, 2009 from here

  • Main Principles of PROUT & Neo- Humanism

    Neo-humanism expands the humanistic love for all human beings to include love and respect for all creation – plants, animals and even inanimate objects. Neo- humanism provides a philosophical basis for creating a new era of ecological balance, planetary citizenship and cosmic kinship. Basic necessities guaranteed to all :  People cannot strive towards their highest […]

  • PROUT JOURNAL Fall 2009 Issue

    PROUT JOURNAL Fall 2009 Issue Small Business Affected by Current Economic Crisis Social Entrepreneurs: Transformers of Business and Society Students Aren’t Customers; Education Is Not a Commodity Share Card – A Bridge from Capitalism to Prout Prophet of Boom (and Bust)

  • Students Aren’t Customers; Education Is Not a Commodity

    By William Astore, By only viewing education as a way to a higher-paying job we’re giving a free pass to the prevailing machinery of power. Hardly a week goes by without dire headlines about the failure of the American education system. Our students don’t perform well in math and science. The high-school dropout rate […]

  • Spirituality and Progress

    Human beings are on an evolutionary path toward realizing their higher consciousness. True progress is movement that leads to self-realization and spiritual qualities such as compassion and love for all beings. Material or intellectual gains do not necessarily constitute progress unless they contribute to deeper, spiritual well-being. The progressive orientation of society is maintained by […]

  • Philosophy of economics

    27 Jun 2009, MYSORE: A meet on the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a philosophy propounded by philosopher P R Sarkar, is underway buy generic cialis here. The meet hosted by Ana’nda Ma’rga Pracarak Sam’gha is to commemorate the golden jubilee of the PROUT which was first published in 1959. Participants from Karnataka and Goa are […]

  • Maleny Cooperatives:Examples of small-scale cooperative enterprise.

    Maleny is situated 100 kilometrers north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. It is surrounded by lush tropical vegitation, has stunning views of the Glass House Mountains, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of over 7,000 people. Maleny has a long history of cooperative enterprise. On the 3rd May 1903, settlers […]

  • Understanding Sarkar: The Indian Episteme, Macrohistory and Transformative Knowledge by Sohail Inayatullah, Brill, Boston, 2002, 366 pages, $53

    Sohail Inayatullah takes us on a journey through Indian philosophy, grand theory and macrohistory. We understand and appreciate Indian cyclical and spiral theories of history, and their epistemological context. From other civilizations, we explore the stages and mechanisms of social change as developed by seminal thinkers such as Ssu-Ma Ch’ien, Ibn Khaldun, Giambattista Vico, George […]