About Prout Journal

Prout Journal is published by
Proutist Universal Inc.
2005 Wheaton Haven Ct.
Silver Spring, MD 20902

Humanity has reached a turning point, a defining moment in its history, and the path we follow will profoundly effect future generations. Some contemporary thinkers and activists believe the ecological crisis is the most critical issue humanity now must resolve. For others it is the growing disparity between rich and poor. Yet others believe we need a change of perception--a profound shift of the spirit.

At Prout Journal we believe each of these concerns are important, and that all are interrelated. On our website, you'll find articles about ecology, economy, culture, ethics, spirituality, science, politics, health, and more. We will attempt to treat these issues as interlinked facets of envisioning and constructing a more balanced global society.

Prout Journal intends to give special attention to spirituality and its role in social change. Ultimately, spiritual ignorance is the root cause of pollution of the earth, destruction of cultures, and exploitation of labor.
Only through an expansion of consciousness can humanity gain the wisdom and compassion needed to build a more integrated and harmonious society.