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  • Creating A Poverty-free Future

    Approximately 10 years ago, I was standing with my mother at a food store in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. We wanted to buy yogurt required by a recipe to finish a dish. It didn’t cross our minds that between her, who worked as a senior manager, and myself, employed as an associate lecturer at the university, […]

  • Popular Uprising in the Barrio’s of Argentina May Spell Hope for Argentinean Proutists

    Argentina was the poster child of U.S.-sponsored globalization in the 1990’s. As Dani Rodrik pointed out in the New Republic, “The country undertook more trade liberalization, tax reform, privatization, and financial reform than virtually any other country in Latin America.” So why were finance minister Cavallo and president de la Ru’a forced out of office […]

  • Spirituality and Social Change

    Talk by Dada Maheshvarananda at the “Globalization or Localization” Conference in Wellington, New Zealand on March 3, 2001 Namaskar is a traditional yogic greeting that means, “I greet the divinity within you with all the charms of my mind and the cordiality of my heart.” We are divine beings, each one of us. We have, […]

  • Economic Democracy, World Government, and Globalization

    From a political and moral perspective, the US-led war against Iraq was an unjust war. While military force against a brutal tyrant like Saddam Hussain may be justified, it should always be a last resort, after all diplomatic means have been exercised. Moreover, if such a military action is finally undertaken, it should be led […]