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  • Who owns the Land? Part 2

    Who owns the Land? The History of our Enslavement Control of Land is Power, and if that control is consolidated through violence, treachery and monopoly, that power is concentrated. If that monopoly is sustained through violence or threat of violence then it can be exploited through the many forms of usury, such as ownership, debt […]

  • “Casino Capitalism and Collapse of The American Economy” book is coming soon in the market

    Back cover of “Casino Capitalism and Collapse of The American Economy, Leading to the Emergenece of An Islamic Empire” book ————————————————— The prosperity during 2000s was based on borrowed money. In 1990, 2000 and 2007, the average American household’s debts were 83%, 92% and 130%, respectively, of its income. Therefore, although Americans were able to […]

  • Dr. Susmit Kumar’s new book “Karma, Mind, and The Quest for Happiness” in February 2012

    Until recently most people used to consider units of everyday time and distance as 100-200 years and 100-200 miles, respectively, whereas astronomers now measure time and distance in billions of years and trillions of miles. Still science can study the scientific laws of only about four percent of the material in the universe as it […]

  • Transition to Sustainability

    There is a monumental disconnect between the pace of change in Australia and the needed adjustment in a carbon over-loaded world. In all likelihood this shortfall is true for most of the world. The climate change report for the Australian government by Ross Garnaut (2008) recommends a reduction of 70-90% to achieve a sustainable carbon […]

  • Some Specialities of Prout's Economic System

    There are several specialities of PROUT’s economic system. These include guaranteed minimum requirements, increasing purchasing capacity, cooperatives, industrial development, decentralization and developmental planning. PROUT also has its specialities in trade and commerce. Guaranteed Minimum Requirements PROUT’s economic system guarantees the minimum requirements of life – that is, food, clothing, accommodation, medical treatment and education – […]