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  • Transition to Sustainability

    There is a monumental disconnect between the pace of change in Australia and the needed adjustment in a carbon over-loaded world. In all likelihood this shortfall is true for most of the world. The climate change report for the Australian government by Ross Garnaut (2008) recommends a reduction of 70-90% to achieve a sustainable carbon […]

  • Response to Climate Change

    By Malcolm (Bhaerava) McDonell The Danish economist Bjorn Lombock argues for a carbon price of $100 to make a meaningful change in carbon consumption. Any less, he says, will fail to deal with the problem of carbon pollution ahead of changing climates. But –as the report points out – this price will cripple the economy! […]

  • The Cosmic Brotherhood

    Adapted from an article on Prout by Shrii P. R. Sarkar for online publication. Spirituality is not a utopian ideal but a practical philosophy which can be practised and realized in day-to-day life, however mundane it be. Spirituality stands for evolution and elevation, and not for superstition in action or pessimism. All fissiparous tendencies and […]

  • Spiritual and social transformation in relation to PROUT

    What we are witnessing today is a huge accelation in the spiritual and social transformation of society. It is happening in front of our eyes and at the same time it is happening inside our minds. The pace of this change is so fast that without a spiritual outlook it is almost impossible to remain […]

  • Principles of Balanced Economy – Section B

    You know, in a balanced economy there should be proper adjustment among agriculture, industry and commerce. For example, a fixed percentage of people should be engaged in agriculture, another fixed percentage in industry and some percentage in commerce. Otherwise there will be no equipoise or equilibrium in the socio-economic sphere of life. Unfortunately no such […]

  • Principles of Balanced Economy – Section A

    There are three main reasons why cities and states in the past lost economic balance and declined after achieving the height of prosperity. First, if the city or state developed following the course of a river system and the river suddenly changed direction or dried up, its economy was adversely affected. Secondly, if industries moved […]

  • Global PROUT Convention Souvenir

    You can read and download the Souvenir Program for the Global PROUT Convention held in New Delhi, India on November 20-22, 2009 from here

  • Creating A Poverty-free Future

    Approximately 10 years ago, I was standing with my mother at a food store in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. We wanted to buy yogurt required by a recipe to finish a dish. It didn’t cross our minds that between her, who worked as a senior manager, and myself, employed as an associate lecturer at the university, […]