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  • Who owns the land? Some facts you should know!

    The refugee crisis has reached epic proportion as millions of uprooted, displaced humans, fleeing their homelands either due to economic, political or war-related causes; without homes, jobs, or access to food, medicine or education, which is the birthright of all human beings. These same vulnerable people are also falling victim to thriving human smuggling and […]

  • Who Owns the Water? Water Wars – Africa in Danger

    Water is the primary source of life. Our bodies are composed mostly of water. All carbon-based life forms need water to survive. We can survive for days without food. But without water, humans will perish within a couple of days. Thus, all life requires a constant supply of fresh water, freely provided as a birthright […]

  • Ravi Batra’s new book reveals solution to joblessness

    Dr. Ravi Batra, a Southern Methodist University professor and renowned economist wrote a new book, End Unemployment Now: How to Eliminate Joblessness, Debt and Poverty Despite Congress. Batra believes poverty can be quickly eliminated all over the globe, especially in the United States. “Global poverty removal has been my lifetime, though elusive, goal, because political opposition and […]

  • Lessons From the 2005 London Terrorist Bombings

    By Hongxi Sha Introduction On December 21, 1988, terrorists bombed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. 270 people were killed in that terrorist attack, including the flight crew and 11 people on the ground (“Lockerbie plane bombing,” ). On July 7, 2005, London woke up in a happy mood because it won the competition to […]

  • The Media’s Impact on the American Red Cross Fundraising and Volunteerism Efforts During Natural Disasters

    Author:  Felicia Davis, Graduate Student in public relations at University of North Texas The Media’s Impact on the American Red Cross Fundraising and Volunteerism Efforts During Natural Disasters A Literature Review   Abstract: Mass Communication technology has changed the way of communication from public relations practitioners to media users. Generally, most people often feel compelled […]

  • Transition to Sustainability

    There is a monumental disconnect between the pace of change in Australia and the needed adjustment in a carbon over-loaded world. In all likelihood this shortfall is true for most of the world. The climate change report for the Australian government by Ross Garnaut (2008) recommends a reduction of 70-90% to achieve a sustainable carbon […]

  • Progressive Utilization Theory is a solution of the current economic crisis: Moti Techchandani

    Moti Teckchandani, a senior Proutist Universal member, was the one of 500 people who attended the “Occupy Wall Street“ protest in Hong Kong on October 8, 2011. “The Occupy Wall Street Protest has been a global protest and PROUT was represented by me at the protest in Hong Kong,” Tekchandani said. “I was directing students […]

  • The Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Coming Demise of Crony Capitalism

    O’ brave protesters of the OWS movement, your effort will not only shape the 2012 elections, they will also end, once and for all, the brutality of the rich and powerful, who are responsible for the sorry state you are in. The change that you are about to bring will be glorified as what Abraham Lincoln did for black Americans. I hope that, with your support, Mr. Obama will be the harbinger of that change.

  • Dr. Ravi Batra’s Video on Prout

    Dr. Ravi Batra’s video on Prout El economista Ravi Batra habla sobre PROUT y explica la causa de la pobreza mundial from Alternativa Proutista on Vimeo.

  • Photos of Walk To Help

    Walk To Help in Dallas, September 25, 2010 Photos by Rajan Koirala, Intern photographer and reporter Prout Journal