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  • Who owns the land? Some facts you should know!

    The refugee crisis has reached epic proportion as millions of uprooted, displaced humans, fleeing their homelands either due to economic, political or war-related causes; without homes, jobs, or access to food, medicine or education, which is the birthright of all human beings. These same vulnerable people are also falling victim to thriving human smuggling and […]

  • Who Owns the Water? Water Wars – Africa in Danger

    Water is the primary source of life. Our bodies are composed mostly of water. All carbon-based life forms need water to survive. We can survive for days without food. But without water, humans will perish within a couple of days. Thus, all life requires a constant supply of fresh water, freely provided as a birthright […]

  • Ravi Batra’s new book reveals solution to joblessness

    Dr. Ravi Batra, a Southern Methodist University professor and renowned economist wrote a new book, End Unemployment Now: How to Eliminate Joblessness, Debt and Poverty Despite Congress. Batra believes poverty can be quickly eliminated all over the globe, especially in the United States. “Global poverty removal has been my lifetime, though elusive, goal, because political opposition and […]

  • Small Business: Not Too Big To Fail, Too Small To Succeed

    By Marc Friedland Not Too Big To Fail, Too Small To Succeed: this is the plight of small businesses in an economic downturn. Many people understand that small businesses are a vital part of any community, and the recent economic downturn has made them conspicuous by their absence. The failure of small businesses can cause […]

  • Creating A Poverty-free Future

    Approximately 10 years ago, I was standing with my mother at a food store in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. We wanted to buy yogurt required by a recipe to finish a dish. It didn’t cross our minds that between her, who worked as a senior manager, and myself, employed as an associate lecturer at the university, […]

  • Real Men and the Economy: Florida orange growers reject employee subservience

    Two ideological camps determined much of history last century—those who carried the banner of democratic freedoms and private enterprise, and those who sought control of the economy and society through central command structures. The former viagra super active is known as Liberalism, the latter Communism. Little remains of the numerous conflicts between these two camps […]