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  • Walk helps to build a hospital in India

    Heavy rain and mud did not stop hundreds of people from coming out to Spring Trail Park in Irving to help raise funds to build a hospital in rural India. On Saturday, September 25, men and women from several communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area walked three miles (5K) under umbrellas and raincoats. The event […]

  • Partners in Crime: Obesity and Poverty

    Centuries ago, when obesity was a sign of wealth and power, kings and those of nobility would eat as they wished as the lower class of society struggled to find food to eat. In today’s present society these beliefs have been flipped upside down. Those with a low socioeconomic status encompass the overweight majority and […]

  • My spiritual journey

    By Shambhu Sharan

    From my childhood, I had many questions. Who am I? What is the goal of my life? What is the nature of this world? Who created this universe? I used to ask many people, but I did not get any satisfactory answer.

    I was born and raised in India. I noticed that some people were suffering from poverty and others from family problems…

  • Editorial: Health Care for All

    May, 2010 Health care is something we believe must be available to everyone at a cost that they can afford.  However, the recently passed healthcare bills are a classic example of democracy gone wild.  The miracle of the bills is not that they passed at all, but that there is something in them for everyone […]

  • Learn how to be happy here in the present

    Every Sunday around 1 p.m., Dr. Steven Landau invites inmates at Wake Correctional Center to his yoga class. “Learn how to be happy here in the present and even happier when you get out,” he saysover the loud speaker. Louis Allen, a Durham man who is in prison for the third time, walks in. “At […]

  • Nature Therapy: Our Seven Friends

    “Nature Cures–not the physician”–Hippocrates. The purpose of the entire creation is to get and give happiness. Ideally, there is no scope for any disease, pain and suffering, unless we disobey the laws of nature or ignore the body’s signs of distress. The fundamental law on which this physical and mental health depends, is a loving […]

  • Will I get enough nutrition without eating meat?

    By Avadhutika Anandamitra Ac. One of the worries people have when they think about adopting a vegetarian diet is, “Will I get enough nutrition if I don’t eat meat? Will I get enough protein?” They have nothing to worry about: a vegetarian diet can provide all necessary body nutrients. In fact, many studies have shown […]