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  • The Cosmic Brotherhood

    Adapted from an article on Prout by Shrii P. R. Sarkar for online publication. Spirituality is not a utopian ideal but a practical philosophy which can be practised and realized in day-to-day life, however mundane it be. Spirituality stands for evolution and elevation, and not for superstition in action or pessimism. All fissiparous tendencies and […]

  • Religion and spirituality

    Ever since the dawn of human history till these modern times, the search for the individual self in relation to the larger universe and the meaning and purpose of existence, and viagra super active how the self relates to a “Higher Self”, “God”, “Supreme Being”, and other such similar terms, has absorbed much of our time, […]

  • My spiritual journey

    By Shambhu Sharan

    From my childhood, I had many questions. Who am I? What is the goal of my life? What is the nature of this world? Who created this universe? I used to ask many people, but I did not get any satisfactory answer.

    I was born and raised in India. I noticed that some people were suffering from poverty and others from family problems…

  • Spirituality and Progress

    Human beings are on an evolutionary path toward realizing their higher consciousness. True progress is movement that leads to self-realization and spiritual qualities such as compassion and love for all beings. Material or intellectual gains do not necessarily constitute progress unless they contribute to deeper, spiritual well-being. The progressive orientation of society is maintained by […]

  • Will Organized Religions Survive in the New Millennium?

    As a yoga monk and spiritualist, I strongly believe that we must think deeply about our vision for world peace. For the sake of our children and all living beings, we have a duty to encourage every movement that contributes to it and struggle against all divisive and exploitative trends. So what should be our […]

  • Toward a Wisdom Based Society

    Contrary to popular opinion, the urgent need of the hour is not another deluge of information technology. What the world needs now is a comprehensive East-West integration—an internet of meaning, a global highway of wisdom. People crave not only more computers, but also inner rapture, peace and justice. We yearn for a fusion between the […]

  • Spirituality and Social Change

    Talk by Dada Maheshvarananda at the “Globalization or Localization” Conference in Wellington, New Zealand on March 3, 2001 Namaskar is a traditional yogic greeting that means, “I greet the divinity within you with all the charms of my mind and the cordiality of my heart.” We are divine beings, each one of us. We have, […]