Philosophy of economics

27 Jun 2009, MYSORE:
A meet on the Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), a philosophy propounded by philosopher P R Sarkar, is
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The meet hosted by Ana'nda Ma'rga Pracarak Sam'gha is to commemorate the golden jubilee of the PROUT
which was first published in 1959. Participants from Karnataka and Goa are in the city to attend the
According to Proutist leader Acarya Siddhayogananda, capitalism and communism lead to concentration of
wealth, which result in economic depression. The PROUT philosophy argues for decentralization of economy
and people's empowerment. It advocates guarantee of basic requirements of life like food, clothing and
housing needs, maximum utilization and rational distribution of resources and increase in buying capacity,
he stated.

He said PROUT offers valuable guidance and suggestion to address the global economic crisis which is
debated at the three-day meet.

Reprinted form Times of India

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