Main Principles of PROUT & Neo- Humanism

Neo-humanism expands the humanistic love for all human beings to include love and respect for all creation -
plants, animals and even inanimate objects. Neo- humanism provides a philosophical basis for creating a new
era of ecological balance, planetary citizenship and cosmic kinship.

Basic necessities guaranteed to all :  People cannot strive towards their highest human aspirations if they
are lacking the basic requirements of life. PROUT believes that access to food, shelter, clothing, education
and medical care are fundamental human rights which must be guaranteed to all.

Balanced economy: Prout advocates regional self-reliance, cooperatively owned and managed business, local
control of large scale key industries, and limits on the individual accumulation of excessive wealth.

Women's Right: PROUT encourages the struggle against all forms of violence and exploitation used to suppress
women. PROUTs goal is coordinated cooperation, with equal rights between men and women.

Cultural Diversity: In the spirit of universal fellowship PROUT encourages the protection and cultivation of
local culture, language, history and tradition.

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