What is PROUT?
Prout is the acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory. It is a social and economic theory developed in
1959 by Indian scholar-author and activist Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Mr. Sarkar sought a practical alternative
to the theories and increasingly apparent failures of Marxism (communism) and Capitalism. Prout is based on
universal values recognizing and protecting the rights of all to the fulfillment of their basic needs; the
protection of the environment, plants and animals; and a dynamic, incentive-based multi-tiered economy. For
more info, please refer to the section on Prout Theory below.

Who is Proutist Universal?
Proutist Universal (PU) is a global, non-profit, charitable, education organization of individual members;
local units, affiliated federations and programs; and, service activities. The first program formed by the
organization, a federation in 1959, is the Universal Proutist Student Federation UPSF. PU has career
volunteers and members on every continent, with itsglobalheadquartersin Copenhagen,DenMarc.

Mission Statement of Proutist Universal
The MISSION STATMENT of Proutist Universal is: "To promote and implement PROUT – Progressive Utilization
Theory,  a new socio-economic paradigm. Through educational efforts and materials, social movements and
activities of its various programs, Proutist Universal seeks to ensure the fulfillment of basic-needs-for-all,
 an exploitation-free society, ethical leadership, and the implementation of economic democracy – forthe welfare
and happinessofall."

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