Religion and spirituality

Ever since the dawn of human history till these modern times, the search for the individual self in relation to the larger universe and the meaning and purpose of existence, and viagra super active how the self relates to a “Higher Self”, “God”, “Supreme Being”, and other such similar terms, has absorbed much of our time, energy, and resources. Several major religions and more minor ones have resulted, and although some of their founders, practitioners and followers were sincere in their search for deeper meaning, purpose, self-knowledge and God, I found that today, after thousands of years in the development of these religions, so many problems still abound in the religious sphere, that one wonders if humanity is on the right track in relation to religions.

I see today that humans are divided along religious lines, there is fundamentalist, narrow-minded attitude of religionists, rampant lack of tolerance for other religious paths—“My way is the only way!” And so conflicts and wars based on religious differences abound on this Earth.

If people love God they love also God’s creation. People can call water in English, H2O as chemical formulae and Pani in Hindi. Water is not going to change. Same thing with God whatever I tell God is not going to change.

I found a viable alternative to the various religions of today which are not giving hope and an enlightened vision to humankind. I shall call this alternative “Dharma”. Dharma means characteristics of a human being. A characteristic of a human being is expansion, happiness, service and merge with consciousness.

The religions inject fear complex, such as a fear of committing sin leading one to end up in the fires of so-called hell, in the minds and hearts of the followers. They also instilled inferiority complex-this was/is done apparently to keep them in line, to control their thinking and lives so that the leaders of the religion may obtain maximum benefits, material and otherwise for their own vested interests.

The religions say if you commit sin you will go to hell, and if you believe in their messengers you will go to heaven or paradise. The so-called absolvement of sins committed by an intermediary like a priest, “savior”-without whom the disciples cannot get rid of their sins to reach a good afterlife-is heavily promoted for the same purposes as above.

Religions propagate irrational superstitions not in accordance with logical thinking and scientific discoveries and are advocated and form an important part of the teachings and doctrines. Similar illogical rituals are also propagated. An Indian philosopher P.R. Sarkar defines dogma as “Ideas that imprison human consciousness within four walls….that does not allow the mind to expand and be liberated.-- such as “My God is the one and only true God, all others are false!” are hammered into the followers’ minds. This creates narrow-mindedness and irrational fundamentalist thinking and behavior, which is very dangerous and can lead to violence and worse towards other so-called non-believers as we have seen in history and today.”

Some people think religions are created by God. I believe that religions are created by human beings. God cannot create another God. God cannot hate anybody because it is His creation.

On the other hand, Dharma has the positive features. It has no place of sin, fear complex, inferiority complex, illogical and irrational rituals are never focused upon, entertained or taught as part of its teachings. Spirituality doesn’t propagate dogmas that limit human thinking and expansion of consciousness. Spirituality accepts and encourages logical and rational thinking in

line with science. The spirituality advocates universal outlook, broadmindedness and openness.

Sincere spiritual-seekers promote systematic and scientific practices for well-being and progress in all spheres of life, physical, mental and spiritual instead of mindless rituals and religious practices.  A spiritual person practice spirituality without following dogmas. This removes the dependence on intermediaries like priests and “saviors” as gate-keepers of one’s own spiritual advancement, and takes away the possibility of religious exploitation.

Comparing the characteristics listed above for both religions and Dharma, spirituality, is substitute the English term true practical spirituality based on the nature of human beings for self-realization and God-realization, I make a good case for the replacement and propagation of spirituality versus outdated religions. The principles and practices of spirituality are disseminated and taught all over the world, we can imagine what genuine freedom and rationality in human consciousness based on universal, broadminded outlook can prevail on this Earth. Humanity can finally breathe a sigh of relief, breaking the chains of the suffocation that millennia of religious dogmas have imposed on us, and true spiritual progress can be achieved.

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