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  • Who owns the Land? Part 2

    Who owns the Land? The History of our Enslavement Control of Land is Power, and if that control is consolidated through violence, treachery and monopoly, that power is concentrated. If that monopoly is sustained through violence or threat of violence then it can be exploited through the many forms of usury, such as ownership, debt […]

  • Who owns the land? Some facts you should know!

    The refugee crisis has reached epic proportion as millions of uprooted, displaced humans, fleeing their homelands either due to economic, political or war-related causes; without homes, jobs, or access to food, medicine or education, which is the birthright of all human beings. These same vulnerable people are also falling victim to thriving human smuggling and […]

  • Who Owns the Water? Water Wars – Africa in Danger

    Water is the primary source of life. Our bodies are composed mostly of water. All carbon-based life forms need water to survive. We can survive for days without food. But without water, humans will perish within a couple of days. Thus, all life requires a constant supply of fresh water, freely provided as a birthright […]