Water is the primary source of life. Our bodies are composed mostly of water. All carbon-based life forms need water to survive. We can survive for days without food. But without water, humans will perish within a couple of days. Thus, all life requires a constant supply of fresh water, freely provided as a birthright […]
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Who Owns the Water? Water Wars – Africa in Danger

LibyanWater1Water is the primary source of life. Our bodies are composed mostly of water. All carbon-based life forms need water to survive. We can survive for days without food. But without water, humans will perish within a couple of days.

Thus, all life requires a constant supply of fresh water, freely provided as a birthright to all Earth's beings; plant, animal and human, by nature's rainfalls and rivers, oceans and lakes.

However, human dependence on water for survival has not gone unnoticed by the predators among us, who are involved in a massive drive to privatize the worlds water. Clearly, those who take control of a nations water are not only set to reap huge profits by selling it back to the citizens of that country at inflated prices, but also to control the entire agricultural production and thus the food supply as well as agricultural exports. Control of the water implies control of the food supply….. and thereby control of the nation and its wealth.

Sounds insane doesn’t it? We should not underestimate the sickness of the warped minds that hatched and are executing the scheme to achieve total control over the world's water and thus food supply, effecting total enslavement of humanity.

The world watches in horror as one country after another across the Middle East is laid to waste by NATO or her proxies.

The control of oil and oil pipelines is now well documented factor in NATOS imperial war games. The smokescreens thrown up to justify these wars range and morph between a collection of worn out themes; war on terror" "humanitarian interventions", "mad dog "dictators killing their own people, non existent WMD's, fighting their own created, trained and funded ISIS/ISIL mercenaries, or supporting orchestrated revolutions for "democracy and freedom" in faux Arab Spring or colour 'revolutions". The veracity of any of these claims doesn’t seem to worry the perpetrators too much – when one deception is exposed they simply shift to another, as a chameleon changes its colour almost imperceptibly, and much of the befooled public has hardly noticed that the shift has even occurred.

Water Wars

Less known and less obvious are the water wars, which we imagine belongs to the future. In fact they are already well underway.
Africa is the battleground on which many of the worlds water wars are being fought.

Sudan, Egypt and Libya
The International zionist bankers along with their proxy state Israel have long nurtured an interest in Africa and its abundant resources. The planned (and documented) balkanization and ruin of Sudan, Libya and Egypt is part of the long term strategy to exploit the resources of the African continent.

Sudan The division of North and South Sudan was a historic plan carried out with the help of a compliant media, in order to divide the country and wrest control over South Sudan, (now fully under zionist control) with its oil and abundant water supply – the Nile River.

Egypt There is also a long standing plan to divert some of the Nile Water from Egypt into Israel. In fact, the "Arab Spring" uprising was orchestrated from behind the scenes partly for the purpose of retaking of Sinai to enable this to happen. Had the Muslim Brotherhood puppet Morsi not been removed from power, Morsi it has been reported ( http://www.egyptdailynews.com/news%20selling%20Sinai.htm) was about to sell off a portion of Sinai to the Islamic State , under the terms of an $8,billion deal made with Obama. This, no doubt, would have created a serious security "problem" which might then have required a "solution". If we follow the usual Hegelian pattern and wildly speculate, for example, that "solution" had involved reoccupying the Sinai peninsula, ( a long time Israeli goal), this would have given Israel the access to Suez, under which the water pipelines were proposed to have run diverting a portion of Nile water to Israel, according to the documented 1974 Israeli "Yeor plan".

Regarding Egypt, former Shin Bet head and Zionist war criminal Avi Dichter declared openly in front of a crowd at the "Israeli" National Security Research Center on May 26 2010 that weakening Egypt was vital to the very foundation of "Israeli" foreign policy. The destabilization campaign (diverting the genuine revolutionary fervour of the Egyptian public) that was to topple Mubarak, known as the "Arab Spring" started in Egypt in January 2011.

Their plans for Sinai were exposed and diverted by the overthrow of their Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi. However the attempts to seriously destabilise Egypt continue with almost daily attacks on military and police and judiciary.

Great Man Made River – the Artery of Life

In the burning sands of Libya, much of which is covered by the great Sahara Desert, agriculture is difficult. Historically Libya had consisted of tribes of mostly nomadic herdsmen. Fresh water was always in short supply. However, in 1953, in the course of the search for new oilfields in Southern Libya, an extraordinary discovery was made - the discovery of vast quantities fresh water trapped in underlying strata, lying in an ancient system of underground aquifers which some estimate to be between 7,000 and 40,000 years old.

However, due to the arid and hostile climate, most of the people inhabited the Northern coast of Libya. The dilemma was how water could be transported across thousands of miles of hostile and scorching desert.

Muammar Gaddafi dreamed of bringing fresh water across thousands of kilometers of burning desert sands to the population of the Northern coastline. He also conceived an ambitious plan to bring life to the desert and initiate agricultural projects, that would provide jobs and make Libya self sufficient in food.

The scale of the ambitious project was massive; involving 4,000 kilometers of 4 metre diameter pipeline laid under the desert sand creating a network of underground rivers serving all the main cities in Libya. There are 1,300 wells 3,700 kilometres of haul roads and 250 million cubic metres of excavation. It was 40 years in the making.

Many foreign nationals also worked on this project and several youtube documentaries can give an idea of the size and scale of it.

Muammar Gaddafi believed that water should be a human right. Thus there was no charge on the Libyan people for this project. Neither did he take any international loan for any part of the project which cost around $30 billion. Instead, the revenues of the nationalized oil sales entirely financed the project at no cost to the people. Moreover, the project provided a model of self sufficiency for other developing nations to emulate. However self-sufficiency is clearly not among the predatory financial interests goals.

Libya, along with Sudan and Egypt, was targeted for destruction according to Israel's Oded Yinon policy. .

The UN environmental programme 2007, describes a so-called, "water for profit" scheme, which actively promotes the privatisation and the monopolisation of the worlds water supplies by private corporations. The UN, in collaboration with the World Bank, plotted to secure water resources to use at their disposal. Once they have control over the water they will sell it back to the enslaved nations for a profit, while any hopes for self sufficiency would evaporate, becoming a pipe dream lost in mists of history.

So, besides looting and plundering Libyas oil and gold reserves, a central target of the NATO warmongers was Gaddafi's man made river. The plan was to destroy it and then have several zionist firms rebuild it, thus ensuring their stranglehold over Libyas water supply, and the handover of the agricultural market to other zionist firms who would them monpolise both the local vegetable market and the produce to be exported to Europe.

It may not be a coincidence that the NATO war on Libya started on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, as did the war on Iraq before it.

During the aggression, NATO warplanes not only indiscriminately bombed the great manmade river, utterly destroying it and contaminating it with depleted uranium, but also destroyed the factory producing replacement pipes. Of course the mainstream media barely made mention of this heinous crime against humanity.

"By sabotaging and laying waste to Egypt, Sudan and Libya…the predators will then be able to assert their dominance not only over the Nile but the Nubian Aquifer system, the most massive known underground fresh water source in Africa.

The three prospective companies preparing to take over the water supply of North Africa include Veolia (previously Vivendi), an ultra-zionist firm with close ties to Israel and the house of Saud. Serving the Israeli settlements and the IDF in the Palestinian territories Veolia is known for monstrous human rights abuses and being part of the occupation machinery that controls and steals the Palestinian water supply, (that which is not already contaminated by the settlements) and sells it back to the Palestinians at criminally inflated prices. The other two main agent of water control are also French zionist firms, Suez Ondeo and Saur. Together they already control 40% of the worlds water.

(Moreover the main company set to take over and profit from the countless billions to be reaped in agricultural production from the water is Louis Dreyfus, another French- zionist company).

Jonathon Azaziah comments that all of these three companies are creations of the International zionist bankers (Rothschilds) over 150 years ago, with the aim of
global control of the water supply in mind.

"To this very moment Veolia/Vivendi is being advised by the Rothschilds. ….it is fitting that Africa, raped and pillaged repeatedly and incessantly by Rothschild financed colonialism for centuries is being prepped for this …three headed Zionist "water monster" to hurt it and torment it even more."

Seif Al Islam (Gaddafis son) has also reminded us that every IMF or World bank loan made in Africa is on the condition that the nation sells water supplies to private investors.

After NATO's bombing of the Manmade River, 70% of the population of Libya was without running fresh water.

But, hey, never mind…the predetermined solution was already in place. In order to access water, the people had to accept and depend on the NATO installed government.

And so it is that NATO came to install "democracy" by wounding and killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, bringing a thriving and largely self sufficient state to ruin, pillaging all its resources, destroying Libya's magnificent water infrastructure, and overthrowing the "brutal dictator" whose dream was to provide all his people with fresh water for free.

Water wars are not part of a dystopian future. They are happening now, silently, unannounced, under our noses. Africa is in the crosshairs. Thus while the world is pre-occupied with orchestrated crises and horrors like the ISIS and the Mediterranean refugee death toll, the silent work goes on behind the scenes, as it always has, becoming a "fact on the ground" before we figure it out. It's what they do best.

There is much we can do. Rainwater harvesting, should become both an act of survival and resistance as should the refusal to buy bottled water, thus withholding consent to privatize and sell us fresh water, our natural birthright. We can research and learn about Veolia human rights abuses in OPT and Africa, and the boycott campaign underway. Research and expose water crimes and criminal practices of all water privatization companies, such as deliberate contamination and deterioration of water quality to force people to buy bottled water. Studying the UN (Rothschild backed) water privatization scheme going on worldwide and spreading the word will dispel the ignorance that allows them to operate with impunity, as will putting these issues in the forefront of public attention. On the spiritual level, Emoto's "Love and Thanks to water project" gives pause for thought in terms of healing the waters of the Earth, that have retained the traumatic memory or imprint of every savage act that has been done to them.

All Life native to Planet Earth depends on water. The predators know it. It is time to give this precious gift of Life the attention it deserves
Libya, Gaddafi & NATO The Untold Story. Lesley Whiting

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