Progressive Utilization Theory is a solution of the current economic crisis: Moti Techchandani

Moti Teckchandani, a senior Proutist Universal member, was the one of 500 people who attended the “Occupy Wall Street“ protest in Hong Kong on October 8, 2011.

“The Occupy Wall Street Protest has been a global protest and PROUT was represented by me at the protest in Hong Kong,” Tekchandani said. “I was directing students and journalists to study PROUT as the only solution to the global economic woes. The objective of the protest was to raise awareness of the defective system of capitalism and how it has made us all slaves to our debts. This system cannot last much longer without further manipulation and printing of fiat currencies. There is no long-term solution better then PROUT.

Teckchandani said the protest was the Diwali, a Festival of Light, for PROUT's awakening.

“I felt it was important for me to raise awareness of PROUT amongst the protestors as all had come to visit this event from different walks of life,” Teckchandani said. “In doing so I spread the word that PR Sarkar has been the greatest teacher of mankind in the last century and the theory that is based on PROUT will succeed.”

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