What we are witnessing today is a huge accelation in the spiritual and social transformation of society. It is happening in front of our eyes and at the same time it is happening inside our minds. The pace of this change is so fast that without a spiritual outlook it is almost impossible to remain […]
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Spiritual and social transformation in relation to PROUT

What we are witnessing today is a huge accelation in the spiritual and social transformation of society. It is happening in front of our eyes and at the same time it is happening inside our minds. The pace of this change is so fast that without a spiritual outlook it is almost impossible to remain in condition of mental balance.
Talking about the Progressive Utilization Theory given by P.R. Sarkar in 1959 it is fundamental to establish a link beetween the economic and social principles and such spiritual and social transformation. In the external world we witness for example an increase in the rate of natural disasters and calamities. Millions of people around the world are being affected by earthquakes, tornados, draught and famine. The spiritual and social transformation that relates to such events provoke a deep change in the way people approach life nowadays.

Consciously or unconsciously the material world has to be seen and treated in a different way by giving more importance to the spiritual world. What is the material world? What is finite is the material world. What perishes is the material world. What changes is the material world. The spiritual world has opposite connotations. It is infinite, eternal, unchangeble. It goes beyond the limitation of time, space and person. In this terms all these natural and man made calamities are just the projection of a collective mind that is accelarating its speed towards the ultimate spiritual reality. It is a natural and necessary process. Prout is the link to maintain an adjustment beetween the physical and mental world in the accelarated movement towards the spiritual destination. It establishes priorities in the material world that are based on a spiritual outlook. It deeply modifies the way we look at the world in its fast paced rennovation.

There are certain defective social outlooks that are still manifesting their potential negative impact. They should be recognized in a clear way:

1. The doomsday escape. On such and such date the world is going to end. The conception of such an idea does not nurture the necessary dynamic force for living in peace and happiness. It is an allround defeat of the inner capacity to change our world for better and adjust to its process. Human beings have survived in the ages because of their inherent capacity of adaptation to any circumstances at the physical and mental levels. There is no doomsday, there is no end to a process of transformation that is accelarating day by day. It is not the end, it is just the beginning of a truly spiritual world.

2. The fast fix. What is happening is wrong and I should fix it by external pressure. I should kill all the criminals and remove by force any opposition. The net result of this outlook is more wars and crusades in name of God or in the name of nationalistic interests. This is not the approach of Prout where the progressive nature of the transformation requires progressive adjustments in social and political frameworks. The rule of law need to acquire more flexibility to deal with more and more different cases. The fast fix negate the capacity to adapt and makes the world in only two colors, black or white removing all the shades and colors. It is spirituality that free the mind from such a dangerous social outlook. Spirituality today is not an option, it is a tool for the survival and progress of a human civilization.

3. Tucking the head under the sand. If I don't see it it does not exist. This negative social outlook manifests not only in the lack of courage for witnessing the pains and pleasures of our human companions. It manifests also in the deliberate release of mental distractions that take away all the necessary concentration needed in this highened times. It is like drinking alcohol while driving at fast speed. It is like closing the eyes when we see a red traffic light. It is just suicide. Prout requires energy and courage. We cannot just sit idle when chaos is apparently taking the lead. Taking decision in times of emergency in not easy but with proper training and experience it becomes natural. No doctor can perform surgery with the eyes closed. But anybody can become a good doctor if it constantly improve on its skills and correct its own mistakes.

4. Isolation. This is the negation of the ineherent social behavior of human beings. Some people decide that it is better to live alone then to face the problems of relationships. This is a luxury that is not going to help society in its evolution. Those who deliberatly isolate themselves will not survive in the long run. They are bound to be discarded by the dynamic force of transformation that is constantly changing our relationships and ways of collective welfare. The world of self-gratification is not going to last for long. The world of segregation is also going to crumble. There is simply not enough resources for placing more and more people behind bars. Prout advocates reformation, not segregation.

In the life of human being there are moral principles and spiritual values. For example non to steal is a moral value and solidarity is a spiritual value. Prout is mainly concerned with moral values that allow a strong fundation on the basis of which spirituality can root and flourish. Moralists are those who are taking the lead willingly or unwillingly in these accelarated times of transformation. How they do it? By remaning in mental balance in the middle of the storm. When most of the people loose themseves in the attachment to the material world, they remain stable providing what is necessary according to human priority. When most of the people become beasts their humanity is automatically colored by divinity.

Prout is evolutionary and revolutionary in its core processes. It adjusts to time , place and person and at the same time it promotes a spiritual outlook to life that requires courage and determination. Such dynamic approach is revolutionary by nature. It breaks fixed schemes and fixed systems of believes. Prout is really a beautiful expression of the desire to live in peace, happiness and prosperity for the whole creation. We are living in Prout times. Prout is alive, forever!

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