Discovering PROUT

Though I come from a family of medical doctors and I have an MS in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. I am presently working as a Device Failure Analysis Engineer in the Advanced CMOS technology development team at Texas Instruments.

While growing up in India, I have seen the suffering of the poor and felt their pain. And then I saw the intense corruption and malpractice in every aspect of Indian society. It was hatred for this system that made me come to America.

In 2008, I came across a book by Dr. Ravi Batra, an economist from Southern Methodist University in Dallas,Texas. The book was titled "The Downfall of Captalism and Communism. Can Captalism be saved?" The title was very appealing to me as the US economy was already showing signs of a meltdown. It was the first book in my life that I really enjoyed reading, not like the text books that I was forced to read for my education. It was really an eye-opener about P.R. Sarkar's Law of Social Cycles. I was amazed to see the universal applicability of this law as discussed by Dr. Batra. I used to think that his ability to make really insightful economic predictions in past was purely out of intuition, but I started to understand that he was just applying the law of social cycles by his teacher P.R. Sarkar.

I started reading other books on economics and several spiritual books written by P.R. Sarkar when I joined Proutist Universal. I realized that if I had to lead a good life and I had the spiritual inclination to reach the Supreme Consciousness through my everyday actions, then my life would have to be one lead by practical spirituality. P.R. Sarkar (Baba) has given a path of leading a life of practical spirituality through Ananda Marga.

From economic history I've learned that Capitalistic economic policies have been increasing wage disparity all over the world since world war II. These policies have been depriving the poor of basic survival needs and transferring money to the wealthy ( who really don't need so much money ). Such huge disparities have lead to previous great economic disaster's like the Great Depression of the 1930's in the U.S.

Michael Moore, in his documentaries "Capitalism: A love Story " and "Sicko", has shown how the poor are being mistreated and how a bad economic system might ultimately lead to chaos. It is very important that we develop a good human society based on neo-humanistic values where people care not just for themselves and their immediate families but for the whole society. It is in everybody's interest to have a stable economic system and see to it that everybody's basic necessities have been met. Hence, P.R. Sarkar put forth Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT), which perhaps is the only proposed alternative economic system to the two failed economic systems of modern times, "Capitalism" and "Communism".

Communism has already failed in several countries in past because it was beneficial to only a few and not for ordinary masses. The same is going on today with Capitalism. It is clear that there is already a crisis with the value of the U.S. dollar, and we are certainly going to see greater crisis ahead.

But every crisis is an opportunity, and that will be a good time to reform economic policies, not just in U.S., but all around the world, to prevent exploitation of the poor and over-abundance for the wealthy. It is time that Washington tries to implement a PROUTist model before it is too late. This will only be possible through a change in the attitude of the people. I beleive that this society can change, and it will change sooner for the better.

This is what inspires me to do Sadhana, Service and Sacrifice through Ananda Marga. I don't say that people should give up their religion, but they have to learn that there are some things about religion that make people narrow-minded, while at the same time there are some good things about religion.... that some teach about serving humanity, and that is the only way to please the GOD (Generator Operator Destroyer) of this infinite cosmic creation. Ananda Marga will lead all on this path of Self-relization and Service to Humanity.

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